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Precious Jun


So I know this community has been pretty dead recently =(
BUT I have been updating the request page with the most current info available and will be FINALLY fulfilling the request that have been crying to be filled for a long time now.
My computer has been fixed after being pracically unusable before finally kicking it but it's better now thanks to a very tech savy uncle
plus no more upload limit on my internet! =D

I recently made the final purchase I needed to make to COMPLETE my Golden Bomber cd collection!!!

Once they finally arrive I will upload them when I get a chance ^^
So stay tuned~ ^-^


Hey guys :D I decided to dissolve my whole JRock collection so I also have 2 Golden Bomber CD's for sale~
(I'm also selling a lot of other items over here at my sales journal)

All items are in good condition, but please remember that some items are used. (Normal signs of use)
If there are any questions don't hesitate to ask me. :)
Shipping prices depend on what you want and where you live.

Every Item cames from a non smoking household.

Golden Bomber - boku quest - ( regular edition ) - 6€

Golden Bomber - Golden Hour ~Shimohanki best 2010~ [Limited Edition / Type B] - 12€

Gekkan Golden Bomber #33 - #35

I guess it's time to upload the new Gekkan GB episodes from 2014! Here are the ones from January to March:

password: shinnen

password: highheel

password: kokoroai

(I actually wanted to use "tokoroai" as a password, but I accidentally wrote kokoro.. I am too lazy to change it so I went with kokoroai :P)

It's my rip, so if you want to share it somewhere else please credit me. I don't own Golden Bomber nor Nicoraji, but I invested quite some time into downloading and uploading it :3

royz, kuina

Memeshikute Tambourine version

'evening, guys (^_^)
Just found this video by accident and thought I'd share it. Another version of Memeshikute lol.
The title simply says "Tambourine". Look at the guys in the back.. Especially the blonde one is really into it XD
I quite enjoyed it.
The actual "performance" starts at 2:10.