June 29th, 2012

Ongaku ga bokura wo dame ni suru

I've stumbled upon it some time ago, so I decided to share this info.
seems that GB have released their very first album in 2006, way before Golden J-POPS, when there were Kyan, Kirisho and Chimatsuri Teppei(?) in the band.

ミニアルバム (Mini Album)

音楽が僕らを駄目にする (Ongaku ga bokura wo dame ni suru)

1ウィンナー&Beer (Wiener & Beer)
2Rockが僕らを駄目にする (Rock ga bokura wo dame ni suru)
4ドスケベ (Dosukebe)
5いつもと同じ夜 (Itsumo to onaji yoru)
6スッピン (Suppin)
7悲愴 (Hisou)

Collapse )

it's written "Music spoils us" on the CD and it's the translation of the title of this album
it was put on auction here and the seller claimed it was purchased on 24/12/2006. seems it was sold for 350 000 yen on auction.
btw the line "Rock ga bokura wo dame ni suru" was once menioned in Kyan's old blog